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Land excursions for cruise passengers

We offer land excursions and day trips for passengers of cruise ships from Colón or Panama City. Destinations of these trips are the Panama Canal, the colonial old town of Panama, wildlife observation on lake Gatún, a village of the Embera Indians and the Camino Real. The tours can be booked as private tours for four or more people.


The program for these trips was created by Christian Strassnig, explorer and discoverer of the Camino Real and for many years tour guide for passengers of Aida, Royal Caribbean, Princess and Carnival Cruises. They give Panama travelers the opportunity to truly experience history and culture of the country. 


Please take your pick from our trips and fill in the booking form in order to book your trip or request further details !

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Land excursions for cruise passengers

Excursion Panama City and the Panama Canal


Welcome to the port of Colón, ride through the city of Colón to the Miraflores locks on the pacific coast, from the centennial bridge we can see the most narrow passage of the canal, the Gaillard-Cut. We continue to the old town of Panama City. Time for lunch at one of the most beautiful plazas of the town. Afterwards a tour through the colonial old town. Ride back to the port of Colón.


Prices: $75 per person with 14-20 participants, $80 per person with 10-13 participants, $85 per person with 8-9 participants. Not included: US$ 20 Entrance fee for the Panama Canal.


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Excursion monkey island and the Panama Canal​

Wildlife observation at the monkey island in lake Gatún and visiting the Gatún-locks of the Panama Canal.

A fascinating day trip, on which we can observe the huge ships on the Panama Canal up close and get to know tropical rain forests and the wildlife of the Panama Canal.


From colon we will drive to the new and expanded locks of the Panama Canal, the expansion of the canal was finished in 2016 and from the new visitors center we can closely observe the passage of the huge ships through the locks.

Afterwards we will drive to Gamboa. We stop by the Summit Hotel for lunch. Boat trip on lake Gatún, with our boat we can get close to the huge ships crossing the Canal. Tropical rainforest covers the entire area where we stop by a few islands where Capuchin monkeys, Howler monkeys, and Geoffroys spider monkeys live in the wild.


Prices: from $90 per person (with 14 participants or more), $100 per person with 10 - 13 participants, $110 per person with 6-9 participants.

Not includet:Entrance fee to the Canal $15-20 per person.


As a Cultour-travel ambassador you could get this trip for free!

Excursion Embera lndians and Panama Canal


Welcome to the port of Colón. We drive to lake Gatún. Here we board a traditional log boat of the Indians to go along the Gatún river to one of the Embera villages in the rain forest. In the village we will have a traditional meal and get to know the culture and customs of the Embera, such as artisanal crafts and dances. After this we visit the locks of the Panama Canal on the Atlantic coast.

Drive back to the port of Colón.


Prices: from $90 per person (with 21 participants or more), $100 per person with 16-20 participants, $110 per person with 7-15 participants. Not included: Entrance fee to the Panama Canal $15 per person.

As a Cultour-travel ambassador you could get this trip for free!

Excursion Camino Real

Conquistadores, gold and pirates.

Drive to a river pier on lake Alajuela, during a trip on a traditional log boat we will see  the rainforest of Chagres national park. On the shore and in the rainforest the original cobblestones of the Camino Real can still be found. We take a short hike on Camino Real and experience the history of spanish explorersand Conquistadores,of gold and silver, and the pirates at Camino Real.Afterwards we will get to a village which worked closely with the explorers of Camino Real. There we will have a delicious traditional lunch and see a short presentation of Panamanian folklore.


Prices: from $100 per person (with 21 participants or more), $110 per person with 16-20 participants, $120 per person with 7-15 participants. 

As a Cultour-travel ambassador you could get this trip for free!

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