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Daytours from beach hotels

Here you can find day trips starting at the beach hotels on the pacific coast of Panama . Destinations of these trips are the Panama canal, the colonial old town of Panama, wildlife observation on monkey island in lake Gatún, a village of the Embera Indians or the Camino Real. All tours can be booked as private tours for two or more people.


The programs of the tours were created by explorer and re-discoverer of the Camino Real, Christian Strassnig who has been working as tour guide in panama for several years. They are designed to give travelers the opportunity to really discover the culture and history of the country.


Please take your pick of our tours and fill out the booking form  below to book your tour or request further information!

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Daytours from beach hotels by the pacific

City tour: Panama canal and old town of Panama

Visiting the visitors center of the Panama canal in Miraflores in the morning, from the visitors platform we can see ships passing through the locks, visit of the exhibition about construction and operation of the canal (exact times and order of the sights may vary due to passage times of the ships). Ride to the old town of Panama City named "Casco Antiguo“ in Spanish. Walking tour of the picturesque streets towards Plaza de Catedral, Plaza de Francia and the colonial churches. 

At the water front we have have an exceptional view of the Canal and the skyline of modern Panama. Time for lunch at one of the surrounding restaurants. Depending on time and interest a visit of the Ancon mountain with panoramic views of the city or of the Ruins in old Panama can be considered. Ride back to the hotel.


Prices: Private tour with 2 participants $180 per person; with 3 participants $150 per person; with 4 participants $120 per person. Additionally: Entrance fee to the Panama canal $20; (Optional: Entrance fee to the ruins of old Panama $12).

Panama Canal Railroad in the viewing car, Gatún locks and Fort San Lorenzo

Ride the first transcontinental Railroad from Panama City to Colón, From the Pacific to the Atlantic, in the morning. The tracks follow the Panama Canal past tropical rainforest and Lake Gatún. From the train station in Colón driving to the new bigger locks of the Panama Canal which were finished with the extension of the canal in 2016. From the visitors centre we can see the passage of the giant ships through the locks up close. Afterwards we continue to the fortress of San Lorenzo from the Spanish colonial times at the estuary of the river Chagres into the Carribean sea.


Prices: Private tour with 2 participants $275 per person; with 3 participants $250 per person; with

 4-5 participants $190 per person. Included: Train ticket, Panama canal.

Wildlife observation on monkey island on lake Gatún

A fascinating day trip on which we see ships on the Panama Canal up close and get to know the tropical rainforest and wildlife of the Panama canal.


Ride from Panama City to Gamboa. Boat trip on the Gatún reservoir, with our boat we get close to the giant ships crossing the Panama Canal. The tropical rainforest covers the entire area and where we stop at a couple of small islands where Capuchin monkeys, Howler monkeys, and Geoffroys spider monkeys live in the wild.We can closely observe the wild monkeys and can experience unforgettable moments.

Prices: Private tour with 2 participants $180 per person; with 3 participants $160 per person; with 4-5 participants $120 per person. All entrance fees included.

Visiting the Embera Indians

Ride to Chagres national park. Here we embark the traditional logboats of the Indians and ride along the Chagres River towards a waterfall in the rain forest (possibility to swim by a waterfall: take your swimsuit along !). Afterwards we take the boat to the Embera village. In the village we eat traditional food and learn about the culture and customs of the Embera such as artisanal crafts and dances. In the end we drive back to Panama City.


Prices: Private tour with 2 participants $225 per person; with 3 participants $195 per person; with 4-5 participants $160 per person. Included: Entrance fee to the national park Chagres, Embera Community.

Camino Real: Conquistadores, gold and pirates

Driving to the river port at lake Alajuela, during a ride with a traditional log boat we see see the rain forest of Chagres national park. On the shore and in the rain forest one can find the original cobbles of the Camino Real. On a short hike of the Camino Real we experience the history of Spanish explorers and conquistadores, of gold and silver and the pirates at Camino Real. Afterwards we arrive in a village which worked together closely with the researchers of the Camino Real. There we have a delicious traditional lunch and see a performance of Panamanian folklore.


Prices: Private tour with 2 participants $260 per person; with 3 participants $200 per person; with 

4-5 participants $160 per person. Including entrance fees.

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About Cultour Panama

Hello Panama travelers !


My name is Christian Strassnig, I am originally from Austria and have been living in Panama for over ten years now. Before I moved here I had done an internship in social work at the SOS children’s village in Panama during which I fell in love with the country. Fascinated by the rain forest and Panamanian history I heard about the Camino Real for the first time in 2003. 

So, in 2007 I began doing research expeditions to the Camino Real in the jungle and started working as a travel guide.


In 2013 I founded Cultour Panama in order to offer sustainable travel options to the cultural and natural treasures of Panama, so that visitors could truly experience the diversity of culture, nature, history and people.


Be it a day tour to Panama City and the Panama Canal, visiting the San Blas islands or a roundtrip through all of the country, with Cultour Panama you have found your local travel guide with whom you can collect unforgettable experiences and who is greatly concerned with the sustainable development of people and the environment.


I invite you to take a look at our trips and discover Panama together!

Christian Strassnig - Founder of Cultour Panama 

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