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Culture, tourism and CSR for development and conservation

Activities of Cultour focus on culture and tourism as tools to promote the local economy and enhance development opportunities for vulnerable populations, where we practice a gender approach and methods culturally adapted to target populations.


We provide services in three programmatic areas:

Tours and excursions


We organize and promote trips and excursions to cultural and natural attractions that have a benefit to local communities in national and international markets. We link tourism products with the market and create synergies with related industries such as agriculture and handicraft production. We emphasize the role of communities as actors of development, function as an incubator and safeguard the interests and rights of communities when they enter the tourism market.


  • Operation of trips for national and international clients from different continents and backgrounds

  • Preparation and management of itineraries for multiple interests: academic, heritage, ethnographic, hiking and general recreation.

  • Exploration and identification of new natural and cultural attractions together with local communities and conducting pilot tours

  • Promotion and establishing links of new attractions with markets


We invite you to vist "our tours" section for detailed informtion about our programs!

Local development, community and heritage tourism


We identify favorable economic activities for vulnerable communities, which foster local economic development and generate fair income and at the same time valorize cultural and natural heritage and preserve the environment. We balance the objectives of economic development and environment conservation with an approach that respects the needs of communities and builds adequate capacities to develop sustainable activities.


  • Community and rural tourism projects

  • Design of projects in heritage, culture, conservation of the environment and natural resources

  • Projects for local economic development

  • CSR projects with local development approach

  • Project planning with measurable impacts through pre-established indicators

Feasibility studies and consultancies 


We conduct studies and plans with emphasis on tourism, local economic development and social and environmental impacts. In studies and consultancies we practice a participatory approach with communities and an applied research approach with tangible and measurable results.


  • Tourism destination development

  • Feasibility studies

  • Market Research

  • Design of Tourist Routes

  • Thematic interpretation

  • Product Development and Itineraries

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