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Camino Real - Conquistadors, gold and pirates

Walk on the historic cobbles of the Camino Real y and support sustainable development of local communities and conservation!

Visit the original cobblestones of the legendary Camino Real, experience history and get in contact with communities who strive for cultural & eco-tourism to improve their livelihood and conservation of the surrounding Chagres National Park.


Departure at 7:30a.m. Drive from Panama City to Madden Lake. We boat out in dugout boats, observing the rain forests of Chagres National Park on the lake’s shore, which are vital for the conservation of the Canal watershed, and drinking water of Panama City. We visit a well- preserved section of the Camino Real, then we continue to the rural community of Quebrada Ancha. We will walk for about 800 meters over the original cobblestones of the Camino Real, on gently rolling hills. Along the walk we will know more about the history of this trail, Spanish conquistadors, viceroys, the mule caravans, Francis Drake and pirates and see several sections of well-preserved colonial cobblestone of the Camino Real.


Around noon we will have a delicious lunch and a presentation of traditional dances by the community of Quebrada Ancha. In discussion with community members we will be able to know more about issues of conservation of cultural heritage and national parks (the recently started a project for community Jaguar conservation). Then we return by dugout boat to the lakeshore, and bus to Panama City, arrival around 4:30p.m.


What to bring:

Trekking shoes or sneakers, outdoor clothes (long pants, shirt can be short-sleeve), rain coat, insect repellent, sun protection, hat/cap, a bottle of water (1 liter), snacks for the day (if you like), a delicious traditional lunch at the community is included.


IMPORTANT: In case of rain it is advisable to have dry clothes for the return, therefore take shorts, a shirt and flip-flops in a bag to change after the walk (its kept dry in the bus).


Includes: Guide, Land and water transport, contribution for local communities, National Park Fee, and lunch.


For reservation please write us or fill in the form below!

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