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2-Day Camino Real Hike

A unique experience: Hike the Camino Real in the footsteps of mule caravans & famous pirates, and support sustainable development of local communities!

Hike on the original cobblestones of the legendary Camino Real, experience history and get in contact with communities who strive for cultural & eco-tourism to improve their livelihood and conservation of the surrounding Chagres National Park. The second day we hike well-preserved sections of the Camino Real along a mountain ridge within Chagres National Park enjoying spectacular panoramas during the entire hike along the trail, and come across the site where Francis Drake’s men where involved in a fight with the Spaniards in 1595. Besides we will achieve greater awareness of the situation of peasants living in the national park and the problems of deforestation and forest conservation. The hike on the second day requires some physical condition (six hours of walking).



First Day: Exploring the Camino Real and sustainable development at Alajuela Lake

Departure at 7:30a.m. Drive from Panama City to Madden Lake. We boat out in dugout boats, observing the rain forests of Chagres National Park on the lake’s shore, which are vital for the conservation of the Canal watershed, and drinking water of Panama City. Then we arrive at the lakeshore, where we start our hike of a well-preserved section of the Camino Real of three kilometers that will leads us to the rural community of Quebrada Ancha. The hike lasts about two hours on gently rolling hills. Along the hike we will know more about the history of this trail, Spanish conquistadors, viceroys, the mule caravans, Francis Drake and pirates and see several sections of colonial cobblestone of the Camino Real.

Around noon we reach the community of Quebrada Ancha, where we will have a delicious lunch and a presentation of traditional dances by the community. In discussion with community members we will be able to know more about issues of conservation of cultural heritage and national parks (the recently started community Jaguar conservation project), development and participation of rural communities and how the Camino Real research project is playing an important role.


Second Day: Panoramic hike of the Camino Real

We get up early in the morning and after breakfast we start our hike along the Camino Real. First we trek an hour and a half hour uphill to reach the edge of the mountain. Here we enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Parque Nacional Chagres. Then we follow the route of the Camino Real between the rivers Pequení and Boquerón, until we encounter a well-preserved section of the Camino Real near the Quebrada Peluca. After a pause at the farmhouse of local peasants, we descend to Boqueron Arriba. Duration 6 hours. Up 300 meters / down 200 meters. From Boquerón Arriba we return to Panama City. Arrival in Panama City around 5 or 6:00pm. Includes breakfast and lunch.


What to bring:

Trekking boots, walking clothes (long pants), rain coat, a bottle with 1.5 liters of water, bring snacks and lunch for the walk on the second day.


IMPORTANT: In case of rain it is advisable to have dry clothes for the return, therefore take trousers, a shirt and flip-flops in a bag to change after the walk (its kept dry in the bus).


Includes: Guide, Land and water transport, contribution for local communities, National Park Fee, lodging at community and lunch, dinner and breakfast.


For reservation please write us or fill in the form below!

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