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Our most beautiful destinations in San Blas

Short trips 
to the San Blas islands

here you can find our excursions and tours

Travel blocks San Blas islands

San Blas Inseln Panama

Day trip: San Blas islands

  • Visit paradise on the San Blas islands for a day 

  • Enjoy white beaches and turquoise water

  • Includes transportation from Panama City and boat ride to the islands

  • Includes lunch and local fee to the Guna 

  • With your visit you are supporting the sustainable development of the Guna Indians 

Day tour

from US$ 180,-  

2 participants

Guna Indianer präsentiert Molas

El Porvenir - A classic in San Blas

  • El Porvenir – a small Island, a few palm trees, a beach and main village of Guna Yala

  • Ideal for getting to know the Guna culture and the beautiful islands of the archipelago

  • Includes daily excursions  to other dreamy islands and villages of the Guna Indians 

  • includes transfers, accommodation, 3 meals a day and excursions

  • Accommodation with private bathroom

Isla El Porvenir

1 Night   US $205,-

2 Nights US $280,-

Korallenriffe lassen sich beim Schnorcheln bestens erkunden

Isla Perro​ – The island with the ship wreck

  • The most popular island in San Blas

  • Palm trees, turquoise water and white sand

  • A paradise for snorkeling: countless colorful, tropical fish swarm around a ship wreck in the water

  • Simple accommodations with a shared bathroom

  • Includes transfers, accommodation, 3 meals a day and one excursion

Isla Perro

1 Night
from US$ 250,- 

Isla Chichime​ – The unspoilt island​

  • One of the most beautiful and least visited islands in San Blas

  • An island full of palm trees with dreamlike, untouched beaches 

  • Includes transfers, accommodation, 3 meals a day and an excursion

  • simple accommodation the Guna Indians style

  • Includes excursion and local fees 

Isla Chichime

1 Night   US $205,-

2 Nights US $300,-

Just like Robinson Crusoe: Camping on the Cayos Holandeses

  • Camping trip to the far-off Cayos Holandeses

  • The unspoilt Keys are surrounded by countless coral reefs 

  • Between may and september the weather is perfect for this tour 

  • Includes transfers, boat ride, meals and accommodation in tents 

  • For groups starting at 4 people

Cayos Holandeses

3 Days / 2 Nights

from US$ 240,-

Yandup Island Lodge: San Blas for those who like to enjoy

  • Yandup is a comfortable Lodge on a private island in San Blas

  • Far away from the tourists paths you can still experience an unspoilt San Blas

  • Enjoy the sound of the waves from Over-Water Cabins

  • The lodge is only accessible via the airport in Playon Chico 

  • Includes transfers, hotel, flight, daily excursions, 3 meals a day

Playon Chico

2 Nights 

from US$ 695 per person

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